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The web is buzzing with offering opportunities to increase revenue through search engine optimization, or SEO, for lawyers. More and more searches for attorneys are happening every day. According to Google, nearly 7.5 million searches are done each month for ‘lawyers’ on the leading search engine alone. Over 11 million search for the singular version of the search term, ‘lawyer’. This type of market simply cannot be ignored by attorneys and law firms if they wish to compete even in their own local market.

Internet Marketing For Lawyers Drives Profits!

Many lawyers today still market through television, newspapers, law directories and more. While some attorneys have found what they would define as success through these venues, the real question that must be asked is how much return they are getting on their marketing investments. Most often optimization campaigns cost significantly less and can produce longer lasting results. While direct mail and newspaper ads are recycled or lay waste in a landfill, optimization is still generating quality leads. The lasting effect means that your marketing dollars are also having a longer effect as well. More leads, less money and qualification of leads all make SEO for lawyers a clear choice for where to spend marketing dollars.

Gain Visibility Online Through Search Engines

The web is the perfect place for attorneys and law firms to gain instant notoriety. Through targeting specific niche keywords with SEO for lawyers a firm that was once unknown can quickly be made known. Being one of the first to use internet marketing for lawyers gives the firm a competitive advantage over the long haul in the niche markets that have been targeted. As soon as the firm begins appearing within the first page of results, users will start clicking on the firm’s link. Over time, this will build the hold the attorney has for target keywords. Internet marketing for lawyers ensures better click-through rates and puts the law firm at the forefront of their market locally.

Best SEO For Lawyers

There is a lot of information available online of basic strategies for SEO that can be completed by the website owner. These provide the basics of the process and can help a firm get started in the optimization process. However an attorney will want to be sure to do their research prior to implementing any sort of strategy to ensure the work that is completed is effective. Often it is impractical to handle this sort of campaign internally. Another option available to attorneys is to hire a SEO expert with experience in the industry. Experienced internet marketing firms understand the most effective strategies to getting onto the first page of results. Using an expert to implement SEO for lawyers will ensure that the law firm is getting the best possible results right from the start.

The long-standing dominance of Yellow Pages and Lawyer Directories may be over, but in its place is a more efficient and affordable alternative to promote your law firm – the internet. The potential is truly unlimited. If you’re not taking advantage of every opportunity to increase your law firm’s website’s visibility, you might as well be the unfortunate law firm in the Yellow Pages whose name starts with “Z.”

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